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Discovery Time

Discovery Time is a 90 minute activity-based programme held once a week in the Junior School.  Each session is planned and prepared to ensure children have opportunities for “hands on” experiences based on a range of themes and interests.

The children are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, relate to others by sharing thoughts and ideas. At the end of each session there is time to share what children have done, and reflect on what will happen next time.

What children are saying about Discovery Time

‘Adults are there to help, but they don’t solve our problems and we have to think about how to ‘fix’ it ourselves.’

‘We have learnt that sometimes we have to make mistakes so we can learn from them!’

‘I’ve learned how to co-operate, how to share things and how to challenge myself.’

‘At the end of Discovery Time we have a chat and we talk about: what we have made, what we have learnt, what worked or what we need to change for next time.’

What Teachers are saying about Discovery Time

‘The teachers are enthusiastic, share ideas and love the reflective sessions with the children at the end of each session.’

‘We are seeing heaps of benefits from Discovery Time. Children are organising activities themselves and cooperating and collaborating all the time.’