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General Information


We have elected to enter into the  the Governments School Donations Scheme and therefore will not be asking for donations in 2020.

Duffy Books

We are a Duffy School which means we receive lots of new books into the school.  We give these books out to children at every opportunity – including when your child starts school, at assemblies and other times as appropriate.  We feel this recognises the place of reading and literacy development at Whakamaru School.

Facebook Page

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We have the opportunity for students to take part in this enviro-team where they have a say in how the school grounds will developed create a recycling plan, monitor pest control at Mangakowhiriwhiri Wetland as well of a range of opportunities to create awareness around our environment to the rest of the school.

Healthy Schools

We are part of the Healthy Schools programme. This means we are lucky enough to have fruit for the students to eat every day – usually just before morning tea time.  This is delivered fresh to the school twice a week. We have milk for schools from Fontera and hold Breakfast Club with Weetbix available for our students. We also have other healthy initiatives – including being an accredited sunsmart school.

Kapa Haka Group

All classes take part in weekly Kapa haka sessions.  Students will be taking part in performances through the year as our Maori culture is an integral part of our school.


We have a library on-site which every child has the opportunity to use weekly during class time.  We have new software which means students can access the catalogue and records remotely.

Parent Help

It is important to us that we develop positive partnership between home and school.  We encourage you to be involved in your child’s schooling. Parent help is always highly appreciated. Gardening, reading with children, art, etc… – all offers are gratefully received.  Please talk to your child’s class teacher if you are able to help to do parent help.

Social Worker

We have a social worker in schools who works in our school once week. You are most welcome to request that your child sees her if you would like.  Just contact the school office to arrange a time.


All supplies may be purchased from the school.  It is important that your child is ready to learn with the appropriate stationery so please ensure it is purchased when the request notice is given.

Student Council

Each year the Student Council is selected by the teachers.  This group organises special days for the other students so children feel they have a real say in what happens in the school.  Students who are positive, responsible role models are chosen for this valued position.

Sun Hats

Children must have a hat at school during Term 1 and 4. During this time they will be expected to sit in the shade if they do not have one.  This means they may not play on the playground.


All visitors to the school are welcome and should report to the school office to sign in as you arrive and sign out as you leave.  This is a Health and Safety Act requirement.