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We have 2 buses:

Bus Route Driver
Farm Bus – Pouakani Farm|Ranginui Station|Vannerlands|Bells|Landcorp -Benneydale Lisa
Sandel Rd Bus – Whakamaru Road|Sandel|Tihoi|Kaahu Roads Laurel/Doreen

PLEASE NOTE:- You must be an employee on one of these farms for your children to travel on the Farm bus.  If you wish to know more or inquire whether you are eligible then please contact the school.

If you have a question about bus routes then please ring the office to talk our Office Manager.  The Principal is in charge of the buses apart from that.  If you need to discuss anything further then please ring the school and ask to speak to her.  Every child in the school who travels on the bus (including Year 7 and 8 Tech Arts students) is required to sign a behaviour contract.  There are senior children who are bus monitors and report daily to the Principal about bus behaviour.  Good behaviour can be maintained by speaking to your children about your expectations.